The right Equipment

How to dress and what to bring on a bike tour in Iceland.

One of the little things that make Iceland such an intereting place is the weather. You can never really trust the weather so it is better to be prepared. It is a very good idea to have a small backpack if possible where you can keep an extra sweater or a light jacket. It is also a good idea to wear trousers that are meant for outdoors activities as sometimes there will be small streams or puddles that need to be crossed. The same goes for the shoes.

A helmet will be provided by Superbike but to have the option of a thin hat or a band that covers the ears can also be a very good idea as it can get a bit cold when higher altitudes are reached.

We also reccommend having a bottle of water along on the ride.

Checking the weather report the day before the ride can help you a lot when planning what to bring along but in general it is easier to take of clothing when it is warm than add cloting that you don't have when it is cold.

We are sure once you complete your tour that you will also be wearing a warm smile :)